Adult Models Wanted

Adult Models Wanted

Upscale domination and dating employment available and Lexington adult models wanted. Must be beautiful as well as smart, sophisticated and charming. Looking for models to take clients out on tours of the city, clubbing at the latest clubs, or other fun filled forms of entertainment in our wonderful town.

Dates are always supervised by security or kept in close contact of you for your safety. Client must pay you for your time and companionship by the hour. The client must also pay for admittance fees, services rendered, food and drink orders or other bills accumulated during your time together. Dates are a great way of meeting new people and having fun while doing so. You can also offer a more private setting for those quiet and relaxing nights.

Domination dates are usually in a more private setting although some may be out in public if the two of you agree to do so. The domination must be handled by you as the model unless there is another dominant employee for you to work with. Only then can you switch and play the submissive role. Domination entails a lot of things but the general idea is for you to play the dominant and superior role to your client’s submissive role. Dom is a fun exciting way to express yourself while playing at work and a great way to get ongoing regular clients.

We are always hiring for exotic dancers as well. Our company offers parties of all occasions and we are always looking for younger male and female strippers to entertain the crowds. We train you how to entertain the whole crowd through out the time allotted and how to show extra attention to the guest of honor while keeping the crowd going strong and thoroughly entertained. You would be amazed how an hour or two of entertainment can quickly pass while you and your clients have a blast.

Adult Models Wanted For All Forms Of Entertainment

Love to entertain crowds or just one person at a time? Well we have employment for you all who are interested in being a fantasy maid. Not only do we get in our sexy lingerie or even clean in the nude, we also host parties where we not only clean up but serve during those events like the Superbowl or other such parties.

Be part of the best in the business while having the experience of your life. Adult models wanted to be available for out-call services and work only when you want to. Do anything you want at home or even out with friends as long as you are ready while on schedule. The only thing we ask is for you to be ready to go when we call you for an appointment. You do not have to do anything else, we will advertise and make appointments for you so you don’t have to do anything except show up. Another great thing about this job besides the hours is the money. Be financially free while you set your own hours. You can not beat that!

We are always hiring busty, beautiful female and handsome male escorts for escorting jobs. Join our team of date companions or domination escorts in Lexington today. Adult models wanted who fit our standards.

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