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Massage Jobs

Do you love to pamper others as much as you love to get pampered? If so, then massage jobs would be the position for you. As a private escort you can enjoy a nice quiet relaxing evening in your client’s home or hotel room. It doesn’t matter if you have a light or a more firm touch, we have the clients for you. It does not matter if you have a masseuse license or not. We can not legally use your licenses under our escort services anyway without you losing it. You can offer any type of massage you like whether it is hot oil, Thai, hot rocks, Shiatsu or any other massages you would like to provide.
Some girls love providing a relaxing environment along with the massage they provide but once again that is up to you. It is your business and you are in charge of it. You can go that extra mile and make things super special for your clients. Provide them with soothing music or conversation to help relieve any tension or stress that has been carried with them throughout the week. Great conversation not only can relax and soothe you but it can help you get to know the client better.  
massage jobs 

Sometimes they may want to talk about problems they are having in their lives and their relationships. If you love to listen and help people with their problems, these massage jobs are perfect for you. All they are looking for is someone to listen to them as they sort out all their emotions and problems. Sometimes it takes saying things out loud to fully grasp onto the situation to find a perfect solution. Although you are not a psychologists and your clients know you are not, you can still listen to what they have to say and even maybe offer helpful advice if you seem fit. Allowing the client to speak freely and openly about their problems without any worry of judgement is a huge way for them to relieve stress and may help more then the actual massage itself.

Massage Jobs Available For You in Lexington Kentucky

If you like to pamper and nurture people then these massage jobs as an escort is perfect for you. You can offer massage to where they are at with an additional option of what ever time they please. This is why gentlemen are willing to pay more then they would a masseuse because you come out to them and even do so after hours which is usually when the business men get off work. Plus you can offer a slow strip tease or even massage them topless or in sexy lingerie which they will never receive at a normal masseuse. So if you are looking to offer this service, please contact us with your information and pictures so we can move on to the hiring process. Thank you. 

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Exotic Dancers Jobs

Have you ever wanted to look for exotic dancers jobs but weren’t comfortable to work at a club with tons of people? Just about anyone could walk in at anytime and there is no guarantee you are going to make money chancing seeing someone you know. Yes, anyone that has been at the strip clubs have spoken to strippers that have walked out of there with 18 bucks in their pocket after dancing around naked all night for over eight hours. Obviously that is not a normal night or there would not be strippers working in the clubs but wouldn’t you rather make more money for less? I do not know about you but I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention on that stage nude to only come out with no tips or a dollar from it.
We have all heard that Florida and other states have better strip clubs where you can make hundreds a night, unfortunately Lexington Kentucky is not one of those places especially after the recession. Let us be honest, the whole industry has changed whether you are an escort or a stripper but chances are you are going to make way more money working for an established escort service then at a club where everyone takes your money from. First you have to pay house for working there that night, then you have to pay for the drinks that you did not sell that night, then you have to tip out your house mom, the dj and all the bouncers. By the time you tip everyone out, you hardly have money left for yourself and YOU were the one who worked her butt off all night dancing nude on stage and getting pawed on all night.
At Lexington Escorts X, we get you your tips up front before the party even starts so you know that you are going to make a couple hundred for that hour before your appointment even starts. That doesn’t include all the tips you get while dancing and all the money you make for private dances if you are working with another dancer. You are already making more money before you even walk into the party then most the strippers at clubs that worked all night made at the end of their night.
I know you are asking, then why are their strippers at the club then all working for you? Well, I would say they don’t know we exist probably or are afraid they will not be safe versus a club which couldn’t be farther from the truth. At a club, you have maybe two or three bouncers watching forty girls at once but it is safer because it is a public area. You may not be safe from being pawed on by clients because those bouncers can’t watch over all of you at once but at least you are safe. Safety is what matters most of all. Those who may have heard of us may assume our exotic dancers aren’t safe like a club. That could not be farther from the truth.

Exotic Dancers Jobs Comes With Security For Your Safety

Our security has the guy in charge sign a contract stating that it is his responsibility that he keeps his friends in line. The security gets everyone’s attention before the stripper begins to go over that contract which states that if they touch, she will leave. Guys have a tendency to watch the guy beside him so he doesn’t ruin the evening for everyone else. Also, they know the cops can easily be called and that there is a bouncer there keeping an eye out. It is rare to get pawed on after everything the driver discusses and you have the option to leave if they break this contract. You also have the right confiscate their phone, camera or camcorder if any pictures or video has been taken which is more we can say for clubs.  
exotic dancers jobs
We train you to make the best of the time you have. We train you to entertain the crowd and the special guest while keeping everyone entertained the entire time you are there. The time will go by so fast that at the end of your time the party will be begging for you to stay. An hour or how much ever they reserved you will be a blast for you and them that you better believe they will keep you in mind for their next party.
Also, you must realize that we try to make it fair to the girls we already have working for us. If business is not super busy at the moment, we will not hire more girls. We want our girls to be happy and we only have a few slots open for strippers at a time. We have so many girls that apply that do not get hired for different reasons. They may not fit our standards or they may have applied at the wrong time of year where business dies down a little. No matter the reason, please do not let this keep you from applying. Please add to your message that we can contact you later down the road if we are not hiring for some reason. That way we will keep you in mind when we are looking for exotic dancers and have exotic dancers jobs for you soon. Please describe yourself and your experience when you contact us. No experience is necessary and most of the time preferred because we are going to train you anyway. We will talk to you soon and we hope to work together in the near future. So if you are looking for an exotic dancers job, please Apply now!

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Adult Model Escorts Wanted

Adult model escorts wanted

Adult model escorts wanted in Lexington for companionship only. We are looking for only the best in female escorts companions. You must fit our strict criteria to apply. Our high standards make us the best which is why we attract the most discerning gentlemen. As far as clients go, we are as choosy as we are with our ladies. In order to keep are clientele happy, we have to stick with offering high caliber escorts so we can impress them every time.

Adult Model Escorts Wanted That Fit Our High Standards

We are looking for female models that of all heights. We get queries for petite to super tall women so no matter your height, you are welcome to apply. The same thing goes for cup sizes. Although we do look for more busty talent, we do get queries for small cup sizes. We only hire those who meet their BMI standards and no more than that. We will not hire anyone who is considered over weight so please do not bother to apply. We prefer ladies with no markings such as tattoos, branding, stretch-marks, unsightly birth marks or any other markings that are considered unattractive. Small tattoo’s in an area that can be hidden is okay for companions but companions must cover these markings while on dates. This is just standards for companion dates only and do not apply to domination or stripper escorts since we get asked for such in those situations at times.

Models must be of the age of 18-30 years of age only. We have 0 drug tolerance and do not allow models to heavily drink on dates with clients either. Models must hold themselves respectfully and with a certain sophistication that sets our ladies apart from the average beauty.

Companions must be able to back up their beauty with their personality. The clients are hiring you for a date so you must be able to entertain through body language and conversation. This is done with the right amount of intelligence, sophistication, and charm. Body language can suggest the world to those surrounding you so you must be able to learn how to send a message with the right movement. We expect those who apply to be used to turning heads when they walk into a room. You must be able to stop your clients train of thought with just a look. This makes you the perfect companion. This is what sets you apart from other companion escorts. That and the fact that you are able to smile, toss your hair and laugh at what he says. We are good listeners as well as good conversationalists.

If you sincerely feel you fit this criteria, please apply today so we can get started with the hiring process. We look forward to working with you and have a great day.

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Domination jobs

domination jobs

Domination jobs are available with Lexington Escorts X. We are offering employment to the right kind of dominant females. These escort jobs allows you to be creative and express yourself. Experience your dominance over the male species by becoming a dominatrix. No experience necessary but must have the makings naturally of a dominant female with a creative side. We can show you what things can be offered and all the know hows on domination, fetishes and role-playing but all you choose to what suits you to offer and go from there. You are in charge!

Being a dominatrix is a great way to make ongoing regular clients if you are good at what you do. We are very choosy about who we pick for such a position since only trust worthy and natural dommes make good dominatrix girls. You will go through extensive training experiencing the submissive and domination side of things. Before you know it, you will be the mistress of Lexington and everyone will bow before you.

Domination Jobs Available To Strong Female Types

If this sounds like something you fantasize about on a regular basis, please contact us about a position. It is rare we will hire for this position but if you have what it takes then you will be the special one. One that not only loves being worshiped and obeyed, but getting paid while doing it.

So if you are a strong female type that not has beauty but has a raw talent of taking over and dominating the situation and the other person, then this job may be for you. Please contact us with information about yourself. We would like to know your statistics as well as know your personality and fantasies about such a position. Tell us what draws you to the fantasy of dominating another and why working for Lexington escorts X is something you would want to do. We looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps we will be working with you very soon. Domination jobs will bring your fantasy to life.

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Lexington Escort Service

Lexington Escorts X is the Kentucky’s leading escort agency for Lexington escorts and other surrounding escorts. We can help you find a date with a model escort that is worthy of your impeccable tastes. We have quite a portfolio of ultimate model escorts to choose from.
Lexington escort service
Beautiful elite Kentucky Escorts, our Lexington escort service will only see discerning gentleman. Our agency represents a wide selection of high caliber models where discretion is completely assured. Your discretion is as important to us as it is to you. We prefer to keep things completely confidential.
Our Lexington Escort Service provides a high-class, premier escort service both in Lexington, Georgetown and around Kentucky. Our model escorts are hand-chosen from the cream of the crop across Kentucky. Our models are chosen for their youth, beauty, vitality and intelligence, many of them coming from a diverse range of modelling backgrounds including but not limited to fashion, photographic and adult modeling.
lexington escort service

Lexington Escort Service Prides Itself On Offering The Best Services

We pride ourselves on delivering an exclusive luxury service to each of our clients, attuned to your own personal desires and proclivities. We will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have. We will also personally make all preparations immediately and discreetly to guarantee a tailored and distinctive service is provided.
Our stunning Lexington Escorts would be happy to entertain your residence or your hotel room for your convenience. We can also introduce you to a few beautiful international model escorts who can travel to meet and accompany you across the world when you will not be Kentucky.
Clients that are not regulars can access open galleries featuring the elite models that make up our Lexington Escorts. For our most valued and respected clients, we offer exclusive access to a VIP Members only gallery with photographs of a portfolio of high-calibre, desirable model escorts from all over the United States.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we look forward to providing your Lexington Kentucky Escort.

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Fantasy Maids Jobs

We have fantasy maids jobs available to those who are interested in real adult entertainment. Just imagine being paid to be someone’s little dirty fantasy. Wearing the cutest little lingerie or even going completely nude while cleaning the house. You would sure have his complete attention and maybe you could even make him hide so it is more of a voyeur experience for him. Whatever his fantasy, let us bring it to life!

fantasy maids jobs

Being a fantasy maid is so much different then being an exotic dancer which is why it is in it’s own category. Yes you could strip down all sexily for a client or perhaps even a couple. You could even entertain a whole party if you all pleased. Being a fantasy maid is in its own name, being a fantasy.

Fantasy Maids Jobs Are So Much Fun!

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand with this position. You can be hired to clean the house in a french maids outfit, nothing more. You could be hired to act like no one is home and perform a masterbation fantasy while never seeing the client. You could even serve at a Superbowl party or a different kind of guy get together as a cheerleader to serve them beer and snacks during the game. Cleaning up after a host and his friends wearing nothing but a thong will surely get them going for some half time entertainment. You could show them that new cheer you have been working on. I do not think it would matter if you have no rhythm or are off cue as they see you jumping up and down.

Be creative and bring you fantasies to life by teasing these guys as a fantasy maid. It pays well and you choose your own hours that you want to work. Why limit yourself to just being an exotic dancer when being a fantasy maid is so fun.

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Adult Models Wanted

Adult Models Wanted

Upscale domination and dating employment available and Lexington adult models wanted. Must be beautiful as well as smart, sophisticated and charming. Looking for models to take clients out on tours of the city, clubbing at the latest clubs, or other fun filled forms of entertainment in our wonderful town.

Dates are always supervised by security or kept in close contact of you for your safety. Client must pay you for your time and companionship by the hour. The client must also pay for admittance fees, services rendered, food and drink orders or other bills accumulated during your time together. Dates are a great way of meeting new people and having fun while doing so. You can also offer a more private setting for those quiet and relaxing nights.

Domination dates are usually in a more private setting although some may be out in public if the two of you agree to do so. The domination must be handled by you as the model unless there is another dominant employee for you to work with. Only then can you switch and play the submissive role. Domination entails a lot of things but the general idea is for you to play the dominant and superior role to your client’s submissive role. Dom is a fun exciting way to express yourself while playing at work and a great way to get ongoing regular clients.

We are always hiring for exotic dancers as well. Our company offers parties of all occasions and we are always looking for younger male and female strippers to entertain the crowds. We train you how to entertain the whole crowd through out the time allotted and how to show extra attention to the guest of honor while keeping the crowd going strong and thoroughly entertained. You would be amazed how an hour or two of entertainment can quickly pass while you and your clients have a blast.

Adult Models Wanted For All Forms Of Entertainment

Love to entertain crowds or just one person at a time? Well we have employment for you all who are interested in being a fantasy maid. Not only do we get in our sexy lingerie or even clean in the nude, we also host parties where we not only clean up but serve during those events like the Superbowl or other such parties.

Be part of the best in the business while having the experience of your life. Adult models wanted to be available for out-call services and work only when you want to. Do anything you want at home or even out with friends as long as you are ready while on schedule. The only thing we ask is for you to be ready to go when we call you for an appointment. You do not have to do anything else, we will advertise and make appointments for you so you don’t have to do anything except show up. Another great thing about this job besides the hours is the money. Be financially free while you set your own hours. You can not beat that!

We are always hiring busty, beautiful female and handsome male escorts for escorting jobs. Join our team of date companions or domination escorts in Lexington today. Adult models wanted who fit our standards.


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