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Escorts in Kentucky Nikki

Nikki is one of the little spinners when it comes to escorts in Kentucky. She is sweet, petite and firm in all the right places. This blonde escort turns heads when ever you take her out in public and she is sure to turn yours. Nikki is perky and full of energy which makes her a great addition for all your party needs. She loves to be the center of attention but she still works well with all the other escorts here. There is not a party too big or small for her entertain at. Keep her in mind when you are having a gathering or a party for your buds. She will be the perfect hit and your buddies will be very pleased.
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This little escort is great for fantasy maids and has her french maid outfit ready and pressed. She loves doing french maid fantasies and will dust with all her little hearts desire until you can’t stand there watching anymore. She has perky breasts and a tight little butt that will have you paying your maid extra by the hour.
She has a blast working with other escorts in Kentucky. She services Lexington and immediate surrounding counties so you can see her and one of her friends no matter where you are. She loves girl on girl shows as well as she loves spending time with just you. Nikki is very flexible and no matter what your occasion you will be very satisfied that you made an appointment with her.

Escorts in Kentucky with Sexy Indentations on their Lower Back

Did I mention those little indentations in her lower back right above her butt? Check her pictures and you will see what I mean. We have always loved those indentations and have thought they look like the perfect rests for thumbs. Nikki has those and we have had so many gentlemen call just because they have seen those as well. Who knew that others found those absolutely sexy? To see them in person, call now to make an appointment with these escorts in Kentucky.

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Escorts Lexington Kentucky Samantha

Samantha is one of the hottest blonde escorts Lexington Kentucky has to offer you. She is young, fit and super firm. This beauty is in fashion design. She loves shopping, make up, clothes and all things girly. That is say she is all girl but it is that girliness that we like when looking at them. There is nothing like the sweet smell and soft silkiness of a girls skin. Those tight curves that seem to go and drive us wild. Samantha has it all. Her tight breasts with the flat stomach that goes into such a pretty little…. Then when she turns around she has that sweet little bottom and long legs.
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This cutie loves being the center of attention which is why she loves doing parties of all occasions and fantasy maids appointments. She will keep you and all your friends entertained while she gets to wear her sexy little lingerie. She has outfits your wouldn’t believe and she just needs a place to wear them. She loves entertaining a crowd and she is the perfect girl for parties and gatherings since you know she will be most comfortable. She also plays well with others so if you have a huge party then you can always order more girls. Lexington escorts X has so many of them and we have the best to offer you so why not?
She doesn’t like to be able left alone for one on one calls because she says it makes her nervous but she is more then happy to go to one with another escort. She also loves performing girl on girl fantasies for you because she knows this will make you hot. She knows the other escorts Lexington Kentucky makes her hot as much as it does you. She does offer dates out and will show you a great night out on the town. She loves to go to the movies, dancing, shopping and out to eat. Call now to see this Lexington escort.



Outcall Escorts

If you are looking for upscale outcall escorts to service your needs on your own specifications, then you have surely come to the right place.
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Have a look at the several stunning outcall escorts in Lexington in our model escorts portfolio and you will find a beautiful array of extraordinary models from around Kentucky, all anxious and ready to come out and see you.
Choose from a wide variety of intelligent and sophisticated outcall model escorts in Lexington for the exemplary paragon of beauty to show off at your side. She will have you looking your best at any black tie event, special occasion, business function, or even while having a fun night out on the town for a few drinks and dancing. Charming and sexy outcall escorts in Lexington are available for more extended dinner dates, and our Lexington Outcall Model Escorts are an excellent choice for private parties of two. Make an appointment for an outcall escort in Lexington for a short casual meeting of an hour or two, an entire evening or afternoon, an all night escapade or for the entire weekend.
Choose from our outcall escorts from all over Kentucky. We always keep a wide variety including Latin escorts, black escorts, white escorts, young, or mature escorts. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can literally get a taste of women of wide variety specializing in an array of services. Brunette escorts, blonde escorts, or redhead escorts, tall and tiny escorts, slim or busty model escorts, the choice is yours.
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Outcalls Escorts Come To You At Your Residence Or Hotel

Outcall escorts in Lexington can come see you at your select location, whether you are located at your residence, office, or hotel room. We will be pleased to come see you at anytime of the day or night. Please search through the escort’s profiles and choose one that catches your eye and whose escort service matches your preferences. has someone for everyone so have fun searching!
Choose a beautiful outcall escort to accompany you in Lexington to enjoy and treat yourself. You could always see one of our ladies to explore some new experiences and spice up your life or just to pamper yourself as so deserve.
Life is short and for living. Unless you have experienced one of our brilliant outcall Kentucky escorts for yourself, you haven’t quite lived. Don’t wait to only look back and regret not living to its full potential. Don’t look back and realize you never experienced those things that you never came across to ask for. You deserve to explore and treat yourself to the pleasures life has given you.

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Exotic Dancers Jobs

Have you ever wanted to look for exotic dancers jobs but weren’t comfortable to work at a club with tons of people? Just about anyone could walk in at anytime and there is no guarantee you are going to make money chancing seeing someone you know. Yes, anyone that has been at the strip clubs have spoken to strippers that have walked out of there with 18 bucks in their pocket after dancing around naked all night for over eight hours. Obviously that is not a normal night or there would not be strippers working in the clubs but wouldn’t you rather make more money for less? I do not know about you but I wouldn’t want to be the center of attention on that stage nude to only come out with no tips or a dollar from it.
We have all heard that Florida and other states have better strip clubs where you can make hundreds a night, unfortunately Lexington Kentucky is not one of those places especially after the recession. Let us be honest, the whole industry has changed whether you are an escort or a stripper but chances are you are going to make way more money working for an established escort service then at a club where everyone takes your money from. First you have to pay house for working there that night, then you have to pay for the drinks that you did not sell that night, then you have to tip out your house mom, the dj and all the bouncers. By the time you tip everyone out, you hardly have money left for yourself and YOU were the one who worked her butt off all night dancing nude on stage and getting pawed on all night.
At Lexington Escorts X, we get you your tips up front before the party even starts so you know that you are going to make a couple hundred for that hour before your appointment even starts. That doesn’t include all the tips you get while dancing and all the money you make for private dances if you are working with another dancer. You are already making more money before you even walk into the party then most the strippers at clubs that worked all night made at the end of their night.
I know you are asking, then why are their strippers at the club then all working for you? Well, I would say they don’t know we exist probably or are afraid they will not be safe versus a club which couldn’t be farther from the truth. At a club, you have maybe two or three bouncers watching forty girls at once but it is safer because it is a public area. You may not be safe from being pawed on by clients because those bouncers can’t watch over all of you at once but at least you are safe. Safety is what matters most of all. Those who may have heard of us may assume our exotic dancers aren’t safe like a club. That could not be farther from the truth.

Exotic Dancers Jobs Comes With Security For Your Safety

Our security has the guy in charge sign a contract stating that it is his responsibility that he keeps his friends in line. The security gets everyone’s attention before the stripper begins to go over that contract which states that if they touch, she will leave. Guys have a tendency to watch the guy beside him so he doesn’t ruin the evening for everyone else. Also, they know the cops can easily be called and that there is a bouncer there keeping an eye out. It is rare to get pawed on after everything the driver discusses and you have the option to leave if they break this contract. You also have the right confiscate their phone, camera or camcorder if any pictures or video has been taken which is more we can say for clubs.  
exotic dancers jobs
We train you to make the best of the time you have. We train you to entertain the crowd and the special guest while keeping everyone entertained the entire time you are there. The time will go by so fast that at the end of your time the party will be begging for you to stay. An hour or how much ever they reserved you will be a blast for you and them that you better believe they will keep you in mind for their next party.
Also, you must realize that we try to make it fair to the girls we already have working for us. If business is not super busy at the moment, we will not hire more girls. We want our girls to be happy and we only have a few slots open for strippers at a time. We have so many girls that apply that do not get hired for different reasons. They may not fit our standards or they may have applied at the wrong time of year where business dies down a little. No matter the reason, please do not let this keep you from applying. Please add to your message that we can contact you later down the road if we are not hiring for some reason. That way we will keep you in mind when we are looking for exotic dancers and have exotic dancers jobs for you soon. Please describe yourself and your experience when you contact us. No experience is necessary and most of the time preferred because we are going to train you anyway. We will talk to you soon and we hope to work together in the near future. So if you are looking for an exotic dancers job, please Apply now!

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Kentucky Escort Jaqueline

  Kentucky escort Jaqueline is a hot blooded Latino escort in Lexington Ky. This little firecracker is petite with her tiny little curves but do not let that fool you. You know what they say, big things come in small packages. That adage holds true when it comes to sweet Jaqueline. She is classy with a little flair which can work with you all the way around no matter what she is offering.
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Jaqueline offers black tie events and other such special occasions. She can mingle with the best of them and she has that natural sophistication that will make her a hit. She is also available for nights on the town which she prefers and feels is more up her alley. Go out in Lexington tonight with her and she will have you gasping for breath as she makes you dance the night away. She loves sports, dancing and other activities that involve a lot of energy. This escort is so fun and energetic, we would be amazed if you could keep up.
This escort is for gentlemen only. Sorry ladies, but she has plenty of friends that would be more then happy to come see you. She works with other girls but does not offer girl on girl nor will she see girls. She will see gentlemen privately or for a party. With her spicy spirit, or course she offers parties of all occasions. Let the hottie teach exactly what rhythm looks like and how sexy it can actually be. She may not be tall or bigger curved girl but she sure knows how to shake what she has got. Trust me, you want to be there to see that. She is a party favorite among our clients and works great with other Lexington escorts X girls. This Kentucky escort is available to see you upon request so give us a call to set up your appointment with this lovely Latino escort.


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Escort In Lexington Codi

Codi is an escort in Lexington Kentucky and just recently with us. This hot blonde escort is available for parties of all occasions, fantasy maids, dates and one on ones. She just turned 21 years old so she is always wanting to out on the town. A date with her would be bar hopping, dancing and going out to eat. She even loves shopping but as dates go, she would rather go bar hopping since it is all so new to her. You would make her very happy taking her out all evening for food and drinks and then taking her to your home or hotel afterwards to wind down.
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Escort in Lexington Really Shows Her Stuff!

This young escort as you can see by her photos is fit and firm all over. She is beautiful with a sweet personality and a very sweet voice. She sounds younger then she is but it is a perfect compliment to her looks. She makes a perfect exotic dancer for those parties of all occasions. Bachelors or birthday boys will thank you for years to come if you order this girl. She has costumes readily available and spirit to go with it. Also a blast for fantasy maids while Superbowl or other gatherings are going on. Even just to come clean your house, you can not go wrong with her. Trust me, all the girls wish they could carry her around their purses and take her everywhere. We know you will feel much the same when you see her and get to know her. She is as sweet as she is beautiful.
Being an escort in Lexington Kentucky can be fun and exciting but Codi likes to calm down too and entertain privately. She sees gentlemen, women and couples. She also works well with all the other girls so ordering multiple escorts is available with Codi. Call her now to see this young escort in Lexington.

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Exotic Dancers

We have the hottest exotic dancers in Lexington Kentucky. Lexington escorts X provides you with busty blonde, brunettes, redheads, mocha, male, female, and a variety of ethnicities all the time for you. We are always offering the best variety fully staffed for you for all your adult entertainment needs.

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Exotic Dancers Are Rated #1 in Kentucky For Out-call Parties

Our parties are rated number 1 for all over Kentucky. We feature only the hottest strippers in Kentucky. We take care in who we hire so you don’t have to. We provide you with the best experience with the hottest ladies no matter what. Our hiring criteria for dancers are high which means never will you have a stripper show up that doesn’t match her pictures or her description. Worried about discreet photos? We only choose to keep our entertainers discreet because we all have lives outside of our jobs. We will not allow our girls to show their faces because we would not want them to regret using face pictures later on down the road or not being fully confidential and discreet with our girls as well as our clientele.
We do however have a looks guarantee policy where if you do not like the escorts we send out to your door, you can nicely cancel with the girl without paying and we will send you out a different one more to your liking. Although this never happens because our clients seem to be happy with our girls, it is always an option. With our strippers, we ONLY hire fit, firm and fun girls. We want your bachelor / birthday / occasion to be the best experience it can be therefore looks are top priority when hiring for the stripper positions. These girls will always have pretty faces, nice teeth, great bodies and be ready to party. Never will you experience a girl coming out to you from us with a huge c-section scar, cellulite, or other nasty scars and conditions all over her body or face. We have heard those horror stories from clients calling us and asking us about our ladies. It is sad that some people have had that happen to them and actually have to worry about such things.
Let us do the worrying for you by choosing the best girls for you party. We offer themes too if you are interested. All we ask is that you plan a head of time. We need notice to get prepared for parties especially when they are themed. We need to get our music together, costume and other things in order so we can provide you with the best time ever. If using a theme, please give us extra notice so the girl can get the proper costume. All of our ladies have tons of lingerie and costumes available but the certain girl you made the appointment with may not have the costume and music you are looking for. It is always best to make the appointment ahead of time and make changes as things progress then to book last minute. Last minute bookings may be possible for parties but are NOT advised.
We may seem expensive compared to other companies and maybe we are. We charge our prices with the promise of a good time and a hot girl. As far we know though we charge about the same if not less from the competition. The reason we may seem expensive compared to others is because we charge for everything upfront. We collect our dancers tips up front so everyone is happy and everything goes down smoothly. I have seen where other companies charge their referral fee and collect nothing for their girls. The girls demand their money when they get to the party and the guys get mad because they were told they only had to pay the initial fee and no more. It is all chaos and everyone is having a bad time besides the company that made the money doing nothing. It is not fair to the clients and not fair to the security and girls put in the predicament. It just seems bad business to us which is why we collect tips upfront. That upfront fee is a flat fee although we hope you tip the exotic dancers because they are doing such a good job and plus let us be honest, the whole point of putting money in the garter is the fun. Also, if you are getting more then one stripper, it is best to have extra money just in case you decide to keep them longer or to get a private dance for yourself or the guest of honor.
We strive to be the best and make your occasion the best fun it can be. Please make an appointment by calling or emailing us a head of time. The information is below. We look forward to hearing from you and partying with you!

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Lexington Escort Taylor

Busty redhead Taylor is a curvy Lexington escort servicing the area as well as the surrounding. This escort has curves in all the right places as you can see by her pictures but is flat in all the areas she should be in. This country girl is down to earth and will have you amused at how laid back and down to earth she can be. She is hot but can hang with the best of them, a true Kentucky girl at heart.
lexington escort
For those of you that love the outdoors, Taylor is for you. She loves to go fishing, hiking, hunting and riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. She is a breath of fresh air and even though she has these hobbies, she keeps up with herself and is complete woman. So much woman that she will have you begging to see more of her curves.
Taylor is a complete party girl. She loves drinking by camp fires and she loves going bar jumping. She will take you to go ride the bull which I guarantee she will stay on longer then you my friend. Sad but true. She has showed even the better of us up. This beauty will also have you out on the dance floor and doing shots back to back. We would be surprised if she found her match yet alone someone who could drink her under the table. She is quite a woman to be reckened with.

Lexington Escort Taylor Loves Her Variety

Have we mentioned that she likes women too? She loves working with all the other escorts here and gets along with all of them. If you are looking to watch girl on girl then she is a good choice. If you are a couple, a woman or a man, she is a good choice for you too. She is open minded and loves to have fun. She appreciates the female form and loves bringing one of her friends with her. If you would like to see her, you should give us a call and set up your appointment now.

    Taylor sees:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Couples
    Taylor is available for:

  • Private escort
  • Dates
  • Girl on Girls
  • Parties of all occasions
  • Fantasy Maids


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