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Escorts in Kentucky Nikki

Nikki is one of the little spinners when it comes to escorts in Kentucky. She is sweet, petite and firm in all the right places. This blonde escort turns heads when ever you take her out in public and she is sure to turn yours. Nikki is perky and full of energy which makes her a great addition for all your party needs. She loves to be the center of attention but she still works well with all the other escorts here. There is not a party too big or small for her entertain at. Keep her in mind when you are having a gathering or a party for your buds. She will be the perfect hit and your buddies will be very pleased.
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This little escort is great for fantasy maids and has her french maid outfit ready and pressed. She loves doing french maid fantasies and will dust with all her little hearts desire until you can’t stand there watching anymore. She has perky breasts and a tight little butt that will have you paying your maid extra by the hour.
She has a blast working with other escorts in Kentucky. She services Lexington and immediate surrounding counties so you can see her and one of her friends no matter where you are. She loves girl on girl shows as well as she loves spending time with just you. Nikki is very flexible and no matter what your occasion you will be very satisfied that you made an appointment with her.

Escorts in Kentucky with Sexy Indentations on their Lower Back

Did I mention those little indentations in her lower back right above her butt? Check her pictures and you will see what I mean. We have always loved those indentations and have thought they look like the perfect rests for thumbs. Nikki has those and we have had so many gentlemen call just because they have seen those as well. Who knew that others found those absolutely sexy? To see them in person, call now to make an appointment with these escorts in Kentucky.

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Fantasy Maids

Our fantasy maids are the hottest hosts around Kentucky. Our Lexington escorts can be on small jobs to bigger party situations. You may wonder what a fantasy maid is exactly. Well, these are our little fantasies brought to life to make your days all the brighter. A client or perhaps a couple may love for a french maid to come over and clean their house. They may prefer you do this in sexy lingerie or in the nude. This way, they get the best of both worlds. A beautiful sexy lady wearing hardly nothing or nothing at all to clean up after them and then go home when they are done.

It can’t get any better then that can it? Well of course the client can get a session from this hottie after she has teased him all day doing her chores. Maybe he would love to receive a massage as a bonus or have her go naughty on him while he is spying on her from the closet by showing him what a masterbation fantasy is all about. Just imagine, she thinks she is all alone in his house. She may open a few drawers to sneak a peak at things he told her were off limits. She decides to lay down and pleasure herself thinking no one is around. If you are a voyeur at heart, this scenario along with others will bring your fantasies to life. Fantasy maids can make all your fantasies come true for you.

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With Fantasy Maids, You Get So Many Possibilities

Fantasy maids not only are for entertaining single clients, they are also great for hosted parties. Imagine your Superbowl party or other gathering with the boys have an extra addition of servers. Sexy little cheerleaders who serve and clean up after you and your friends. Maybe they even show you a little half time show of their own if you all behave. There is nothing like being served cold beer and buffalo wings from a half naked hottie while watching the game. Nothing.

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Escorts Lexington Kentucky Samantha

Samantha is one of the hottest blonde escorts Lexington Kentucky has to offer you. She is young, fit and super firm. This beauty is in fashion design. She loves shopping, make up, clothes and all things girly. That is say she is all girl but it is that girliness that we like when looking at them. There is nothing like the sweet smell and soft silkiness of a girls skin. Those tight curves that seem to go and drive us wild. Samantha has it all. Her tight breasts with the flat stomach that goes into such a pretty little…. Then when she turns around she has that sweet little bottom and long legs.
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This cutie loves being the center of attention which is why she loves doing parties of all occasions and fantasy maids appointments. She will keep you and all your friends entertained while she gets to wear her sexy little lingerie. She has outfits your wouldn’t believe and she just needs a place to wear them. She loves entertaining a crowd and she is the perfect girl for parties and gatherings since you know she will be most comfortable. She also plays well with others so if you have a huge party then you can always order more girls. Lexington escorts X has so many of them and we have the best to offer you so why not?
She doesn’t like to be able left alone for one on one calls because she says it makes her nervous but she is more then happy to go to one with another escort. She also loves performing girl on girl fantasies for you because she knows this will make you hot. She knows the other escorts Lexington Kentucky makes her hot as much as it does you. She does offer dates out and will show you a great night out on the town. She loves to go to the movies, dancing, shopping and out to eat. Call now to see this Lexington escort.



Kentucky Escort Jaqueline

  Kentucky escort Jaqueline is a hot blooded Latino escort in Lexington Ky. This little firecracker is petite with her tiny little curves but do not let that fool you. You know what they say, big things come in small packages. That adage holds true when it comes to sweet Jaqueline. She is classy with a little flair which can work with you all the way around no matter what she is offering.
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Jaqueline offers black tie events and other such special occasions. She can mingle with the best of them and she has that natural sophistication that will make her a hit. She is also available for nights on the town which she prefers and feels is more up her alley. Go out in Lexington tonight with her and she will have you gasping for breath as she makes you dance the night away. She loves sports, dancing and other activities that involve a lot of energy. This escort is so fun and energetic, we would be amazed if you could keep up.
This escort is for gentlemen only. Sorry ladies, but she has plenty of friends that would be more then happy to come see you. She works with other girls but does not offer girl on girl nor will she see girls. She will see gentlemen privately or for a party. With her spicy spirit, or course she offers parties of all occasions. Let the hottie teach exactly what rhythm looks like and how sexy it can actually be. She may not be tall or bigger curved girl but she sure knows how to shake what she has got. Trust me, you want to be there to see that. She is a party favorite among our clients and works great with other Lexington escorts X girls. This Kentucky escort is available to see you upon request so give us a call to set up your appointment with this lovely Latino escort.


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Escort In Lexington Codi

Codi is an escort in Lexington Kentucky and just recently with us. This hot blonde escort is available for parties of all occasions, fantasy maids, dates and one on ones. She just turned 21 years old so she is always wanting to out on the town. A date with her would be bar hopping, dancing and going out to eat. She even loves shopping but as dates go, she would rather go bar hopping since it is all so new to her. You would make her very happy taking her out all evening for food and drinks and then taking her to your home or hotel afterwards to wind down.
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Escort in Lexington Really Shows Her Stuff!

This young escort as you can see by her photos is fit and firm all over. She is beautiful with a sweet personality and a very sweet voice. She sounds younger then she is but it is a perfect compliment to her looks. She makes a perfect exotic dancer for those parties of all occasions. Bachelors or birthday boys will thank you for years to come if you order this girl. She has costumes readily available and spirit to go with it. Also a blast for fantasy maids while Superbowl or other gatherings are going on. Even just to come clean your house, you can not go wrong with her. Trust me, all the girls wish they could carry her around their purses and take her everywhere. We know you will feel much the same when you see her and get to know her. She is as sweet as she is beautiful.
Being an escort in Lexington Kentucky can be fun and exciting but Codi likes to calm down too and entertain privately. She sees gentlemen, women and couples. She also works well with all the other girls so ordering multiple escorts is available with Codi. Call her now to see this young escort in Lexington.

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Lexington escorts

Welcome to Lexington Escorts X escort agency. We are only a small part of a bigger picture where we have listings and Lexington escorts services in all areas of USA. Lexington Escorts X only services the Lexington area and immediate surroundings. If you are looking for girls in other states, please take a look at our directory site for more choices or look up the site in that area. Please keep in mind that not all our ladies are listed on our sites. There are certain ladies that demand more discretion then others and you must be part of our VIP trusted customers in order to see them. The ones listed is for the general public but still for the discerning men. They are no less upscale model escorts, it is just they choose to be listed on the front end of our website.
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In Lexington Escorts X you can find the perfect model escort of your choice in all areas of Kentucky near the Lexington area. We have a wide variety of different kinds of Model Escorts including blonde escort girls, brunette escort girls, African American escorts, Latin escorts, Mature escorts and younger teen escorts so we make it easy for you to find the escort of your choice here.
Our Lexington escorts offer only out-call appointments at the moment and include all the very best escort services in Kentucky. You can find Lexington escorts services on our website.

Lexington Escorts Features The Best Selection Of Girls

Lexington Escorts X is building the largest selection in Kentucky and with weekly updates and sometimes daily we are sure you will find the perfect upscale escort here.
Use the Lexington Escort X website to search for a Lexington escort of your choice. Our galleries are full of the most desirable and charming escorts who are anxiously waiting to offer companionship during your stay in Lexington. All you need to do is choose the type of escort you prefer and give us a call.
Find gorgeous upscale escorts for out calls to your home or hotel room only here at Lexington Escorts X. Call now to make your appointment.

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Fantasy Maids Jobs

We have fantasy maids jobs available to those who are interested in real adult entertainment. Just imagine being paid to be someone’s little dirty fantasy. Wearing the cutest little lingerie or even going completely nude while cleaning the house. You would sure have his complete attention and maybe you could even make him hide so it is more of a voyeur experience for him. Whatever his fantasy, let us bring it to life!

fantasy maids jobs

Being a fantasy maid is so much different then being an exotic dancer which is why it is in it’s own category. Yes you could strip down all sexily for a client or perhaps even a couple. You could even entertain a whole party if you all pleased. Being a fantasy maid is in its own name, being a fantasy.

Fantasy Maids Jobs Are So Much Fun!

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand with this position. You can be hired to clean the house in a french maids outfit, nothing more. You could be hired to act like no one is home and perform a masterbation fantasy while never seeing the client. You could even serve at a Superbowl party or a different kind of guy get together as a cheerleader to serve them beer and snacks during the game. Cleaning up after a host and his friends wearing nothing but a thong will surely get them going for some half time entertainment. You could show them that new cheer you have been working on. I do not think it would matter if you have no rhythm or are off cue as they see you jumping up and down.

Be creative and bring you fantasies to life by teasing these guys as a fantasy maid. It pays well and you choose your own hours that you want to work. Why limit yourself to just being an exotic dancer when being a fantasy maid is so fun.

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Lexington Escort Taylor

Busty redhead Taylor is a curvy Lexington escort servicing the area as well as the surrounding. This escort has curves in all the right places as you can see by her pictures but is flat in all the areas she should be in. This country girl is down to earth and will have you amused at how laid back and down to earth she can be. She is hot but can hang with the best of them, a true Kentucky girl at heart.
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For those of you that love the outdoors, Taylor is for you. She loves to go fishing, hiking, hunting and riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. She is a breath of fresh air and even though she has these hobbies, she keeps up with herself and is complete woman. So much woman that she will have you begging to see more of her curves.
Taylor is a complete party girl. She loves drinking by camp fires and she loves going bar jumping. She will take you to go ride the bull which I guarantee she will stay on longer then you my friend. Sad but true. She has showed even the better of us up. This beauty will also have you out on the dance floor and doing shots back to back. We would be surprised if she found her match yet alone someone who could drink her under the table. She is quite a woman to be reckened with.

Lexington Escort Taylor Loves Her Variety

Have we mentioned that she likes women too? She loves working with all the other escorts here and gets along with all of them. If you are looking to watch girl on girl then she is a good choice. If you are a couple, a woman or a man, she is a good choice for you too. She is open minded and loves to have fun. She appreciates the female form and loves bringing one of her friends with her. If you would like to see her, you should give us a call and set up your appointment now.

    Taylor sees:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Couples
    Taylor is available for:

  • Private escort
  • Dates
  • Girl on Girls
  • Parties of all occasions
  • Fantasy Maids


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