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Brunette Escorts

If you are looking for Lexington Brunette Escorts, view our portfolio for the biggest selection of the best brunette escorts around. At Lexington Escorts X, we have some of the most gorgeous and sexy brunette model escorts in the Lexington area and they are all anxiously waiting to come see you. It does not matter what sort of an evening that you have arranged for yourself, you will find our wide selection of brunette escorts a completely perfect addition to those plans. We have the party escort types looking to have some lively fun with you to the more laid back escorts looking for a more laid back evening together in a quiet five star restaurant. No matter the occasion, we have escorts to accompany you to make sure you have a better time.
brunette escorts

Brunette Escorts Have Everything You Need

Searching for a beautiful brunette for a quiet yet exciting evening? Lexington Escorts X Brunette Escorts has the ideal escort for you. All our escorts are not only beautiful beautiful, but have the intelligence, personality and charm to back it up. This allows their sweet and lively nature to liven up the mood no matter what the mood may be. Their charms and attention can lift your spirits so high that you will feel like the luckiest and happiest man in the world. They have the ability to make you feel like you hold their undying attention no matter where you are and who you are with. You and your happiness are what is important to them.

Lexington Escorts X brunette escorts offers the most discreet and confidential services so you will never have to worry about your boss or family finding out about your extracurricular activities. You would be happy to know the extent and extreme we go to keep your information safe and confidential at all times. After all, we as an agency and as individuals would like to stay discreet as well which is why we do not show our faces on our sites and are prohibited from supplying agency, individual or any information by contract when we go through the interviewing process. Rest assured, you are safe in our hands.

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Kentucky Escort Jaqueline

  Kentucky escort Jaqueline is a hot blooded Latino escort in Lexington Ky. This little firecracker is petite with her tiny little curves but do not let that fool you. You know what they say, big things come in small packages. That adage holds true when it comes to sweet Jaqueline. She is classy with a little flair which can work with you all the way around no matter what she is offering.
kentucky escort
Jaqueline offers black tie events and other such special occasions. She can mingle with the best of them and she has that natural sophistication that will make her a hit. She is also available for nights on the town which she prefers and feels is more up her alley. Go out in Lexington tonight with her and she will have you gasping for breath as she makes you dance the night away. She loves sports, dancing and other activities that involve a lot of energy. This escort is so fun and energetic, we would be amazed if you could keep up.
This escort is for gentlemen only. Sorry ladies, but she has plenty of friends that would be more then happy to come see you. She works with other girls but does not offer girl on girl nor will she see girls. She will see gentlemen privately or for a party. With her spicy spirit, or course she offers parties of all occasions. Let the hottie teach exactly what rhythm looks like and how sexy it can actually be. She may not be tall or bigger curved girl but she sure knows how to shake what she has got. Trust me, you want to be there to see that. She is a party favorite among our clients and works great with other Lexington escorts X girls. This Kentucky escort is available to see you upon request so give us a call to set up your appointment with this lovely Latino escort.


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Redhead Escorts

Lexington Escorts X have the most beautiful buxom babe redhead escorts in all of Kentucky. With redheads, gentlemen either seem to go one way or another them. You either absolutely love them or absolutely hate them. It is one extreme to another. Most of the time redheads are at a disadvantage because they get that heat from someone’s ex-wife or ex-girlfriend was a redhead. Just because one girl of a certain hair color is crazy doesn’t mean all of them are. You do not hear men swear off brunettes or blondes because of such things so why do we hear such things of redheads? Redheads are the best and I will go over why in a minute.
redhead escorts

Redhead Escorts Are Known For Their Passion For Life

We have beautiful redheads available for you that will blow your mind! You hear redheads are known for their crazy anger and so on. It is not anger that makes redheads so fiery but their passion! They are known for being very passionate in everything they do. It leaks in through their art, through their love making, and through their temperament. There is no reason to fear them and every reason to desire them. You will be amazed at once you have given a redhead a chance, how much you will crave more and keep going back. Redheads will set your soul on fire while making you yearn for them every step of the way. This may scare many gentlemen but as these same gentlemen should realize, it is best to not swear them off altogether but see them through an escort service. You can use their passion to ignite yours in so many ways. Not only that, but if you are looking to find a dominatrix girl just imagine how much creativity and passion our redhead escorts can unleash on you and make you beg for more on your knees.
No matter what the occasion and what you are looking for, our redhead escorts are a perfect choice to bring the passion back into your life.

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Blonde Escorts

Gloriously bright and silky Lexington blonde escorts are available for outcalls in the Lexington Kentucky and immediate surrounding counties. We have the best Lexington Blonde Escorts found in Kentucky only by searching We have quite the selection of blonde escorts available from dirty blondes, bleach blondes and to golden blonde. Each blonde has her own golden beauty about here with her tan firm curves to go with it. You can not go wrong ordering one of them for the night.
blonde escorts
It is notoriously hard to find just one of Lexington’s blonde escort to see for the night. They are all just so hot you want to see them all. Do not allow yourself to forget that they are adventurous, fun and very open minded. You may just have to take turns seeing each blonde escort at a time. Better yet, why don’t you see them together to get more blonde escorts experience in. You will be amazed at what you have been missing all this time by booking one of our very own blonde escorts. They come highly recommended because they know how to bring your fantasies to life.

Blonde Escorts Have All The Fun

Enjoy the best time ever and experience any of our Lexington Blonde Model Escorts. They are one of a kind escorts that are able to please you in any way they can. They say blondes have more fun and we have to wonder if they are right. Maybe the saying should be blondes are more fun. You should give one of our very own blonde escorts a call and find out for yourself. I am sure you will not be disappointed and it is always good to learn something new. It is part of life’s experience.
So view our Lexington escorts photo gallery to choose your sexy blonde model escort. We always have plenty of girls available for you. We all look forward to seeing you!

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Escort In Lexington Codi

Codi is an escort in Lexington Kentucky and just recently with us. This hot blonde escort is available for parties of all occasions, fantasy maids, dates and one on ones. She just turned 21 years old so she is always wanting to out on the town. A date with her would be bar hopping, dancing and going out to eat. She even loves shopping but as dates go, she would rather go bar hopping since it is all so new to her. You would make her very happy taking her out all evening for food and drinks and then taking her to your home or hotel afterwards to wind down.
escort in lexington kentucky

Escort in Lexington Really Shows Her Stuff!

This young escort as you can see by her photos is fit and firm all over. She is beautiful with a sweet personality and a very sweet voice. She sounds younger then she is but it is a perfect compliment to her looks. She makes a perfect exotic dancer for those parties of all occasions. Bachelors or birthday boys will thank you for years to come if you order this girl. She has costumes readily available and spirit to go with it. Also a blast for fantasy maids while Superbowl or other gatherings are going on. Even just to come clean your house, you can not go wrong with her. Trust me, all the girls wish they could carry her around their purses and take her everywhere. We know you will feel much the same when you see her and get to know her. She is as sweet as she is beautiful.
Being an escort in Lexington Kentucky can be fun and exciting but Codi likes to calm down too and entertain privately. She sees gentlemen, women and couples. She also works well with all the other girls so ordering multiple escorts is available with Codi. Call her now to see this young escort in Lexington.

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Lexington escorts

Welcome to Lexington Escorts X escort agency. We are only a small part of a bigger picture where we have listings and Lexington escorts services in all areas of USA. Lexington Escorts X only services the Lexington area and immediate surroundings. If you are looking for girls in other states, please take a look at our directory site for more choices or look up the site in that area. Please keep in mind that not all our ladies are listed on our sites. There are certain ladies that demand more discretion then others and you must be part of our VIP trusted customers in order to see them. The ones listed is for the general public but still for the discerning men. They are no less upscale model escorts, it is just they choose to be listed on the front end of our website.
lexington escorts
In Lexington Escorts X you can find the perfect model escort of your choice in all areas of Kentucky near the Lexington area. We have a wide variety of different kinds of Model Escorts including blonde escort girls, brunette escort girls, African American escorts, Latin escorts, Mature escorts and younger teen escorts so we make it easy for you to find the escort of your choice here.
Our Lexington escorts offer only out-call appointments at the moment and include all the very best escort services in Kentucky. You can find Lexington escorts services on our website.

Lexington Escorts Features The Best Selection Of Girls

Lexington Escorts X is building the largest selection in Kentucky and with weekly updates and sometimes daily we are sure you will find the perfect upscale escort here.
Use the Lexington Escort X website to search for a Lexington escort of your choice. Our galleries are full of the most desirable and charming escorts who are anxiously waiting to offer companionship during your stay in Lexington. All you need to do is choose the type of escort you prefer and give us a call.
Find gorgeous upscale escorts for out calls to your home or hotel room only here at Lexington Escorts X. Call now to make your appointment.

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Adult Model Escorts Wanted

Adult model escorts wanted

Adult model escorts wanted in Lexington for companionship only. We are looking for only the best in female escorts companions. You must fit our strict criteria to apply. Our high standards make us the best which is why we attract the most discerning gentlemen. As far as clients go, we are as choosy as we are with our ladies. In order to keep are clientele happy, we have to stick with offering high caliber escorts so we can impress them every time.

Adult Model Escorts Wanted That Fit Our High Standards

We are looking for female models that of all heights. We get queries for petite to super tall women so no matter your height, you are welcome to apply. The same thing goes for cup sizes. Although we do look for more busty talent, we do get queries for small cup sizes. We only hire those who meet their BMI standards and no more than that. We will not hire anyone who is considered over weight so please do not bother to apply. We prefer ladies with no markings such as tattoos, branding, stretch-marks, unsightly birth marks or any other markings that are considered unattractive. Small tattoo’s in an area that can be hidden is okay for companions but companions must cover these markings while on dates. This is just standards for companion dates only and do not apply to domination or stripper escorts since we get asked for such in those situations at times.

Models must be of the age of 18-30 years of age only. We have 0 drug tolerance and do not allow models to heavily drink on dates with clients either. Models must hold themselves respectfully and with a certain sophistication that sets our ladies apart from the average beauty.

Companions must be able to back up their beauty with their personality. The clients are hiring you for a date so you must be able to entertain through body language and conversation. This is done with the right amount of intelligence, sophistication, and charm. Body language can suggest the world to those surrounding you so you must be able to learn how to send a message with the right movement. We expect those who apply to be used to turning heads when they walk into a room. You must be able to stop your clients train of thought with just a look. This makes you the perfect companion. This is what sets you apart from other companion escorts. That and the fact that you are able to smile, toss your hair and laugh at what he says. We are good listeners as well as good conversationalists.

If you sincerely feel you fit this criteria, please apply today so we can get started with the hiring process. We look forward to working with you and have a great day.

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Dominatrix Girls

   Are you looking for a dominatrix in Lexington Kentucky. We have plenty of real dominatrix girls for. We are not just those normal escort types where we slip on some furry handcuffs and that is the end of that. Our girls know exactly what they are doing. We have intelligent, creative and intense ladies available that will turn your fantasies to life and take you that extra mile. You will be hot to bow down at your mistress’ feet once you get a taste of our dominant females.
dominatrix girls
Our dominatrix girls have been trained by one of the top pro-dommes in Kentucky as well as several professional dungeons through out the United States. Our dominant females know what they want and they know exactly what they are doing. Rest assured they will get what they want out of you and push you to your limits. Each domme specializes in their own focus of domination, fetishes and discipline. Each one different and each one dominant. What fun you shall have looking through their profiles and choosing the perfect one for you.

Dominatrix Girls Want To Build A BDSM Relationship With You

The best thing about dominant and submissive relationships in our industry is that they work in a cohesive nature where you all would meet up regularly. I know that some gentlemen may only be one time callers especially if they are just traveling through but the best is when you build relationships and know exactly what the other one likes and wants. Once you get to know each other, it is a more intense and pleasurable experience compared to the first time you all met. The relationship gets stronger and you realize just how much you trust your mistress. Is that not what all submissive aspire to in the end? A mistress that they know like the back of their hand and that knows them just as well back. A dominatrix that will keep them on their toes and keep pushing the limits while exploring new avenues. During all this, you know that you are safe with you mistress to the extent of that you know she knows what she is doing. She will test you, push your fears and your thresh hold but you love her because of it. Through her, you are content with life. You are actually happy. You have reached a Utopia every time you are in her presence since you know you will be in your own world. Her world. She allows you there and in that, you are so grateful to serve her.
You have to start your hunt for your mistress somewhere. I bet you will have fun searching through us and perhaps even find her here. Contact us through phone or email. Please do not keep the phone operators on the phone with too many questions. They do not appreciate time wasters and may see your needs as such. If you have certain questions about the services that are offered, it is best to speak with one of the dominant females. The phone operators are there to help but they do not go out on their own so they do not have the knowledge the dominatrix girls do. The phone operators can have a domme call you or it may be best if you email if you have quite a few questions. That way they can respond to all of them at once if you are looking to see them later in the future. Otherwise, you can call to make an appointment with one of the dominant females.

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Escort Service Presents Mya

Our escort service presents to you the goddess Mya. This escort is an African American angel that will stun you with her looks. She is 5’8 with a tiny figure but big curves. Her body looks like it was drawn up like Jessica Rabbit. She has a tiny little waist, a nice full bottom and beautiful DDs to match. You will definitely be pleases when you see this one.
escort service
Classy and elegant, Mya is available for one on one sessions only. Due to her career and high profile social life, she does not offer dates or traveling. She will however work with a couple other ladies here and that is Victoria, Taylor or Amber. You can go out with them and come back to enjoy them with Mya for the evening. A whole night of nothing but being surrounded by beautiful women. What more is there to ask for?
This beauty does not talk much. She does not have to though, She can give you just a look that will bring you to your knees. That and body language is all you all need to have a sensual date. She loves for you to wait patiently and watch her. Her curves will entice you and her movements will hypnotize you. She will have you in such a hypnotic state that you will not know what hit you.

Our Escort Service Features Only The Hottest Of Ladies

Our escort service offers you only the best which is why Mya is part of our agency. If you are wanting to set up a private date with her, please call in advance. As we have said, she has a very busy schedule with her career and social elite lifestyle. You will need to call at least a day in advance to see this beauty but like they say, good things come to those who wait.


model escorts

Welcome to Lexington Escorts X, an Elite Lexington Escort Service offering the most exclusive model escorts in Lexington and throughout Kentucky. In our Lexington Escorts X gallery you will see a very large selection of the most beautiful escort models, companions, exotic dancers, fantasy maids, masseuse and domination girls. Each and every one of them are waiting to meet you! These are not the kind of escorts you will see on any other agency site as the majority are exclusive to Lexington Escorts X and due to their high life styles offer their services through the discreet and exclusive service where their identities are confidential. Many are not even listed on our front end site. Due to discretion, they are only available to be previewed by our most respected VIP clients.
model escorts

Model Escorts Are Of The Highest Caliber

If you are looking for a premier model escorts with most style and fashion sense then we will always be here to ensure that we will always provide the best Kentucky Escort Service experience. Our Elite Lexington escort models have been chosen based on their natural beauty, elegance , personality and their level of service. We will always go out of our way to ensure that we deliver the highest quality of upscale Lexington escorts for our clientele. We have only the best professional relationships with our escorts, so if you ever require more information about our girls that is not listed on our site then we are here to answer of your questions. All of our escorts go through an extensive interview process to ensure they suitable for our escort service. They have to fit our high criteria that we have and we set the standard high. Each model is carefully selected by our most stringent standards and undergo and learn our company policies.
For over twelve years, we have provided the very best services to the most affluent gentlemen in Kentucky and around the world. All our regulars are assured more of a personal, unique and discreet service upon joining our exclusive membership.

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