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Domination jobs

domination jobs

Domination jobs are available with Lexington Escorts X. We are offering employment to the right kind of dominant females. These escort jobs allows you to be creative and express yourself. Experience your dominance over the male species by becoming a dominatrix. No experience necessary but must have the makings naturally of a dominant female with a creative side. We can show you what things can be offered and all the know hows on domination, fetishes and role-playing but all you choose to what suits you to offer and go from there. You are in charge!

Being a dominatrix is a great way to make ongoing regular clients if you are good at what you do. We are very choosy about who we pick for such a position since only trust worthy and natural dommes make good dominatrix girls. You will go through extensive training experiencing the submissive and domination side of things. Before you know it, you will be the mistress of Lexington and everyone will bow before you.

Domination Jobs Available To Strong Female Types

If this sounds like something you fantasize about on a regular basis, please contact us about a position. It is rare we will hire for this position but if you have what it takes then you will be the special one. One that not only loves being worshiped and obeyed, but getting paid while doing it.

So if you are a strong female type that not has beauty but has a raw talent of taking over and dominating the situation and the other person, then this job may be for you. Please contact us with information about yourself. We would like to know your statistics as well as know your personality and fantasies about such a position. Tell us what draws you to the fantasy of dominating another and why working for Lexington escorts X is something you would want to do. We looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps we will be working with you very soon. Domination jobs will bring your fantasy to life.

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Exotic Dancers

We have the hottest exotic dancers in Lexington Kentucky. Lexington escorts X provides you with busty blonde, brunettes, redheads, mocha, male, female, and a variety of ethnicities all the time for you. We are always offering the best variety fully staffed for you for all your adult entertainment needs.

exotic dancers


Exotic Dancers Are Rated #1 in Kentucky For Out-call Parties

Our parties are rated number 1 for all over Kentucky. We feature only the hottest strippers in Kentucky. We take care in who we hire so you don’t have to. We provide you with the best experience with the hottest ladies no matter what. Our hiring criteria for dancers are high which means never will you have a stripper show up that doesn’t match her pictures or her description. Worried about discreet photos? We only choose to keep our entertainers discreet because we all have lives outside of our jobs. We will not allow our girls to show their faces because we would not want them to regret using face pictures later on down the road or not being fully confidential and discreet with our girls as well as our clientele.
We do however have a looks guarantee policy where if you do not like the escorts we send out to your door, you can nicely cancel with the girl without paying and we will send you out a different one more to your liking. Although this never happens because our clients seem to be happy with our girls, it is always an option. With our strippers, we ONLY hire fit, firm and fun girls. We want your bachelor / birthday / occasion to be the best experience it can be therefore looks are top priority when hiring for the stripper positions. These girls will always have pretty faces, nice teeth, great bodies and be ready to party. Never will you experience a girl coming out to you from us with a huge c-section scar, cellulite, or other nasty scars and conditions all over her body or face. We have heard those horror stories from clients calling us and asking us about our ladies. It is sad that some people have had that happen to them and actually have to worry about such things.
Let us do the worrying for you by choosing the best girls for you party. We offer themes too if you are interested. All we ask is that you plan a head of time. We need notice to get prepared for parties especially when they are themed. We need to get our music together, costume and other things in order so we can provide you with the best time ever. If using a theme, please give us extra notice so the girl can get the proper costume. All of our ladies have tons of lingerie and costumes available but the certain girl you made the appointment with may not have the costume and music you are looking for. It is always best to make the appointment ahead of time and make changes as things progress then to book last minute. Last minute bookings may be possible for parties but are NOT advised.
We may seem expensive compared to other companies and maybe we are. We charge our prices with the promise of a good time and a hot girl. As far we know though we charge about the same if not less from the competition. The reason we may seem expensive compared to others is because we charge for everything upfront. We collect our dancers tips up front so everyone is happy and everything goes down smoothly. I have seen where other companies charge their referral fee and collect nothing for their girls. The girls demand their money when they get to the party and the guys get mad because they were told they only had to pay the initial fee and no more. It is all chaos and everyone is having a bad time besides the company that made the money doing nothing. It is not fair to the clients and not fair to the security and girls put in the predicament. It just seems bad business to us which is why we collect tips upfront. That upfront fee is a flat fee although we hope you tip the exotic dancers because they are doing such a good job and plus let us be honest, the whole point of putting money in the garter is the fun. Also, if you are getting more then one stripper, it is best to have extra money just in case you decide to keep them longer or to get a private dance for yourself or the guest of honor.
We strive to be the best and make your occasion the best fun it can be. Please make an appointment by calling or emailing us a head of time. The information is below. We look forward to hearing from you and partying with you!

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Kentucky Escorts Amber

Sexy little brunette Amber is available in Lexington Kentucky and immediate surrounding areas. Amber has worked for Lexington escorts X for a couple of years now so we know her well. She may look like an angel in her pictures and you may think she even looks innocent in person, but do not be fooled in the least. As far as Kentucky escorts go, this could be further from the truth. This petite brunette is naughty in all the ways that count.
Amber is more of the type of girl that would take you on a tour of Lexington but would prefer a quiet evening at your home or hotel room. She loves to pamper through listening to you and offering an awesome massage. She has a light and firm touch so clients, male or female usually rant about her massages. She offers hot oil massage but has been learning many other types of massages so if you are interested in different forms of massage, this is the girl to see. She has hands of an angel and the mind of the devil which is an incredible match.

Beautiful Escorts With So Many Qualities Besides Beauty

A great attribute of Amber is that she is one of the best listeners. We are surprised she did not go to school for psychiatry with the way everyone runs to her with their problems. She is a complete emotional medium so she can make you relax by taking on some of your problematic feelings for you. All you have to do is open up to her and she will hear you out. Sometimes that can be better then a massage but when you combine the two, you have a tension off your shoulders that you never knew to be there. That is how good she is at making you relax. The best part about it is everything you tell her is confidential so no worries on her telling anyone you know. There is no problem there.
If you are not looking to have a counseling session talking about your issues and feelings, Amber will have you rolling over laughter. She believes laughter is the best policy and she lives by that. This escort will have you popping your side as your doubled over with her sense of humor. She can not stand a complete bore with no personality so she will appreciate you using your sense of humor as well to make her day brighter.
Amber is available for:

  • Dates
  • Private Escorts
  • Massage
  • Girl on Girl
  • Fantasy Maids
  • Domination
  • Call to see her now! 

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Lexington Escort Service

Lexington Escorts X is the Kentucky’s leading escort agency for Lexington escorts and other surrounding escorts. We can help you find a date with a model escort that is worthy of your impeccable tastes. We have quite a portfolio of ultimate model escorts to choose from.
Lexington escort service
Beautiful elite Kentucky Escorts, our Lexington escort service will only see discerning gentleman. Our agency represents a wide selection of high caliber models where discretion is completely assured. Your discretion is as important to us as it is to you. We prefer to keep things completely confidential.
Our Lexington Escort Service provides a high-class, premier escort service both in Lexington, Georgetown and around Kentucky. Our model escorts are hand-chosen from the cream of the crop across Kentucky. Our models are chosen for their youth, beauty, vitality and intelligence, many of them coming from a diverse range of modelling backgrounds including but not limited to fashion, photographic and adult modeling.
lexington escort service

Lexington Escort Service Prides Itself On Offering The Best Services

We pride ourselves on delivering an exclusive luxury service to each of our clients, attuned to your own personal desires and proclivities. We will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have. We will also personally make all preparations immediately and discreetly to guarantee a tailored and distinctive service is provided.
Our stunning Lexington Escorts would be happy to entertain your residence or your hotel room for your convenience. We can also introduce you to a few beautiful international model escorts who can travel to meet and accompany you across the world when you will not be Kentucky.
Clients that are not regulars can access open galleries featuring the elite models that make up our Lexington Escorts. For our most valued and respected clients, we offer exclusive access to a VIP Members only gallery with photographs of a portfolio of high-calibre, desirable model escorts from all over the United States.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we look forward to providing your Lexington Kentucky Escort.

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Fantasy Maids Jobs

We have fantasy maids jobs available to those who are interested in real adult entertainment. Just imagine being paid to be someone’s little dirty fantasy. Wearing the cutest little lingerie or even going completely nude while cleaning the house. You would sure have his complete attention and maybe you could even make him hide so it is more of a voyeur experience for him. Whatever his fantasy, let us bring it to life!

fantasy maids jobs

Being a fantasy maid is so much different then being an exotic dancer which is why it is in it’s own category. Yes you could strip down all sexily for a client or perhaps even a couple. You could even entertain a whole party if you all pleased. Being a fantasy maid is in its own name, being a fantasy.

Fantasy Maids Jobs Are So Much Fun!

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand with this position. You can be hired to clean the house in a french maids outfit, nothing more. You could be hired to act like no one is home and perform a masterbation fantasy while never seeing the client. You could even serve at a Superbowl party or a different kind of guy get together as a cheerleader to serve them beer and snacks during the game. Cleaning up after a host and his friends wearing nothing but a thong will surely get them going for some half time entertainment. You could show them that new cheer you have been working on. I do not think it would matter if you have no rhythm or are off cue as they see you jumping up and down.

Be creative and bring you fantasies to life by teasing these guys as a fantasy maid. It pays well and you choose your own hours that you want to work. Why limit yourself to just being an exotic dancer when being a fantasy maid is so fun.

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Escorts Lexington Ky Victoria

Victoria is one of the most premier escorts Lexington Ky has to offer. She is absolutely gorgeous with her long auburn hair and blue gray eyes. This beauty has the personality and sophistication to back it up. She is all the qualities wrapped up into one making her the perfect package.
escorts lexington ky
This escort offers one on one companionship for those more quiet evening at home or in your hotel room. She is great for kicking back and relaxing with a glass of hot cocoa, a fire and conversation. Also, for those of you looking to completely unwind, Victoria has hands that will go for days. You should enjoy one of her most enjoyable massages. They are heaven.
For those of you who want to go out on the town, Victoria can escort on a tour through Lexington. You can look at the horse farms, the race tracks, the bars and where to go out to eat. For those long outing days, she can take you to see the distilleries and perhaps even to wine country. She knows all the classy joints to go and you will not be disappointed. She is also available for special occasions or black tie events. A perfect addition as arm candy as you attend a wedding or even a business meeting. We are sure Victoria will knock your colleagues socks right off. She always makes the perfect hit.

Beautiful Escorts Lexington Ky Has To Offer And Victoria Is One Of Them

This upscale companion makes perfection but she is not just all pearls and silk. Victoria has another side to her that would surprise anyone who knew her. With her intelligence and creativity, Victoria loves to dominate and discipline. She has fun moving into a whole other world making men wait on her and forcing them to pamper her. She loves when they have been naughty for she loves making up new ways to discipline them. She may not precisely be the leather lingerie type but who needs that when you have corsets, thigh highs and pin stripes. She is more of your boss who is looking to beat you into submission.
So no matter what evening you have planned, Victoria can make it all the better. Call to make your appointment with her now. You will not be disappointed, we have the best escorts Lexington Ky can offer.

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Lexington Escort Taylor

Busty redhead Taylor is a curvy Lexington escort servicing the area as well as the surrounding. This escort has curves in all the right places as you can see by her pictures but is flat in all the areas she should be in. This country girl is down to earth and will have you amused at how laid back and down to earth she can be. She is hot but can hang with the best of them, a true Kentucky girl at heart.
lexington escort
For those of you that love the outdoors, Taylor is for you. She loves to go fishing, hiking, hunting and riding four wheelers and dirt bikes. She is a breath of fresh air and even though she has these hobbies, she keeps up with herself and is complete woman. So much woman that she will have you begging to see more of her curves.
Taylor is a complete party girl. She loves drinking by camp fires and she loves going bar jumping. She will take you to go ride the bull which I guarantee she will stay on longer then you my friend. Sad but true. She has showed even the better of us up. This beauty will also have you out on the dance floor and doing shots back to back. We would be surprised if she found her match yet alone someone who could drink her under the table. She is quite a woman to be reckened with.

Lexington Escort Taylor Loves Her Variety

Have we mentioned that she likes women too? She loves working with all the other escorts here and gets along with all of them. If you are looking to watch girl on girl then she is a good choice. If you are a couple, a woman or a man, she is a good choice for you too. She is open minded and loves to have fun. She appreciates the female form and loves bringing one of her friends with her. If you would like to see her, you should give us a call and set up your appointment now.

    Taylor sees:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Couples
    Taylor is available for:

  • Private escort
  • Dates
  • Girl on Girls
  • Parties of all occasions
  • Fantasy Maids


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VIP Lexington Model Escorts, Lexington Escort Service, Lexington Escorts

Welcome to Lexington Escorts X escort agency VIP Lexington model escorts and Lexington escort service , by Lexington Escorts X. Featuring the most exclusive and elegant Lexington model escorts who provide clients with the highest level of personal companionship. Our Lexington escorts portfolio is to be greatly admired and something that we take great pride in. We have a vast selection of beautiful Lexington escorts to choose from no matter your occasion.
lexington model escorts
We are a Lexington based escort agency and strive to be the very best in the industry. Please feel free to explore our website to find the perfect Lexington model escorts that suites you. Every model escort has a personal written description and pictures so you can get a feel for her. When you have chosen your selected Lexington Escorts you can contact us via email or telephone.

Lexington Model Escorts Listed on Our Website

The Lexington model escorts listed on our escort agency website cannot be found anywhere else in Lexington. They are available for all social events including dinner dates , horse park trips, holiday bookings and business bookings. Each one of our Lexington escorts have their own profile which lists all the details you need to decide if they are the perfect companion for you. All of our Lexington escorts images are the most recent and completely 100 percent genuine. Exactly what you see on the profile is what you will get when you open the door. That is why we offer and started the looks guaranteed policy. We have no doubt you will be happy with our Lexington model escorts that when they show looking like their picture, you will accept her with no problems.
Our escort service hand selects each lady to fit a certain criteria which is why you will find nothing but beautiful girls on our website. We base our high standards not just on their beauty, but on their intelligence, sophistication and charm to back up that beauty. These features together completes each girl we hire into a perfect package. Please feel free to look through our portfolio and find your Lexington model escorts now.

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