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March Milf Madness!

Lexington Escorts March Milf Madness

This month of March is Milf Madness. For this month only, we are offering a special of two hot milfs at a huge discount. That is right, two mature hotties for only $200 every Saturday evening from 7 pm to 3 am. Saturday specials only.

mature escortsKadee is a mature, blonde bombshell milf that is 40 years old and stacked. Her body is firm with curves in all the right places.

Tiffany is a 35 years old brunette hottie that loves lingerie and has the most beautiful long brunette locks that you have ever seen. Fun loving and down to earth, this hottie will have you laughing and adoring you as soon as you meet you.


milf escortsTogether, these ladies will have you calling back every Saturday to see them all month. Whether you just wish to watch a little girl on girl action or would love to have sexy massage from two hot babes, you can’t go wrong with this duo and for only half the price. That is milf madness! One on one, or two for fun, I have to say that this duo makes things a lot more interesting. If you are really feeling crazy, why not get a domme session these milfs. They will have you begging for more!

To see these babes, call at least an hour in advance. Special only available on in March on Saturdays only.

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Kentucky Escorts Emma

Kentucky Escorts Emma Is A Beaut!

Kentucky Escorts EmmaWe would like to give a warm welcome to our new Kentucky escorts Emma. Our new member is a gorgeous black haired beauty that has a body to die for. Fit and curvy, we guarantee this girl is going to be a popular attraction. Whether you are visiting Lexington or a local resident, Emma could show you a new side to Lexington that you never knew existed. Some gentlemen prefer blondes, others love our brunette escorts. I guarantee you will love Emma no matter your tastes. Not only is she very stunning, she has a warm smile that will melt your heart. Her charms and personality will win you completely and have you coming back for more. She has no prior experience in adult entertainment but I guarantee with her outgoing nature, she will be a quick learner.

Emma is available for dates and evenings in. She does not want to offer parties until she feels more comfortable entertaining. I guarantee that she will have your complete attention. She is a great conversationalist and would be perfect for those business meetings and weddings that you most dread but need a date. She will make you enjoy that time and have others appreciate that you really know how to attract the attentions of a beautiful yet intelligent and sophisticated beauty.

Looking to relax in your hotel room? She loves giving massages and is quite good. She has previous experience in massage and can guarantee to have you nice and relaxed in no time. Whether you prefer a firm massage or a light caress, this is your girl. Of course four hands are better than two, why not go for it and get another lady. This hottie may be new, but she is not shy and would love to work with our girls.

Emma’s availability at the moment is scarce compared to the other girls at the moment of course she predicts this will change soon. If you are set on seeing her, please call ahead to make an appointment so we can set something up with her. She is a busy girl and has a career that she has to work around. Discretion is a complete must! Don’t miss your opportunity to see her, call now to schedule an appointment now.

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Latino Escorts

Meet the newest attractive Latino escorts that Lexington escorts X has for you and enjoy having the best time with some of the most charming and sophisticated ladies in Lexington. Lexington Escorts X is an escort agency that will deliver to you the expertise of thrill and excitement that Latino escorts are known for. Our Southern belles sure know how to fulfill that southern hospitality but our Latino escort brings a whole new unique flavor to our group. Our Latin escorts bring a saucy and colorful experience that we just know you will love.
latino escorts
On our Lexington escort agencies website, you will find the most exquisite escorts around. All based in and around Lexington Kentucky to provide you with fast and easy service. These beauties come out to you and are available at any time day or night to provide you an unforgettable experience. One that is filled with excitement in which you have never experienced before. There is nothing like the lure of these Latino ladies that inspire awe with their perfect golden honey skin and natural flawless beauty.

Latino Escorts Offer A Spice Of Life

These exotic little pleasures will make your experience in Lexington Kentucky a memorable one. They are spicy and bold beauties that surely know how to spoil their man. It is very easy to do with those seductive, sensuous female forms. So if you are looking for Latino escorts, be sure to check out website and choose a little firecracker to share your night with. Whether you like tall curvy Latinos or sweet and petite ma petite, we have the escort for you.
We wish you to have a great time during your stay in Lexington. We just know that we make your stay a lot more sexy and comfortable for you. Give us a call to set up your appointment with one of our very own model escort girls to share your time with.

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Outcall Escorts

If you are looking for upscale outcall escorts to service your needs on your own specifications, then you have surely come to the right place.
outcall escorts
Have a look at the several stunning outcall escorts in Lexington in our model escorts portfolio and you will find a beautiful array of extraordinary models from around Kentucky, all anxious and ready to come out and see you.
Choose from a wide variety of intelligent and sophisticated outcall model escorts in Lexington for the exemplary paragon of beauty to show off at your side. She will have you looking your best at any black tie event, special occasion, business function, or even while having a fun night out on the town for a few drinks and dancing. Charming and sexy outcall escorts in Lexington are available for more extended dinner dates, and our Lexington Outcall Model Escorts are an excellent choice for private parties of two. Make an appointment for an outcall escort in Lexington for a short casual meeting of an hour or two, an entire evening or afternoon, an all night escapade or for the entire weekend.
Choose from our outcall escorts from all over Kentucky. We always keep a wide variety including Latin escorts, black escorts, white escorts, young, or mature escorts. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can literally get a taste of women of wide variety specializing in an array of services. Brunette escorts, blonde escorts, or redhead escorts, tall and tiny escorts, slim or busty model escorts, the choice is yours.
model escorts

Outcalls Escorts Come To You At Your Residence Or Hotel

Outcall escorts in Lexington can come see you at your select location, whether you are located at your residence, office, or hotel room. We will be pleased to come see you at anytime of the day or night. Please search through the escort’s profiles and choose one that catches your eye and whose escort service matches your preferences. has someone for everyone so have fun searching!
Choose a beautiful outcall escort to accompany you in Lexington to enjoy and treat yourself. You could always see one of our ladies to explore some new experiences and spice up your life or just to pamper yourself as so deserve.
Life is short and for living. Unless you have experienced one of our brilliant outcall Kentucky escorts for yourself, you haven’t quite lived. Don’t wait to only look back and regret not living to its full potential. Don’t look back and realize you never experienced those things that you never came across to ask for. You deserve to explore and treat yourself to the pleasures life has given you.

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Brunette Escorts

If you are looking for Lexington Brunette Escorts, view our portfolio for the biggest selection of the best brunette escorts around. At Lexington Escorts X, we have some of the most gorgeous and sexy brunette model escorts in the Lexington area and they are all anxiously waiting to come see you. It does not matter what sort of an evening that you have arranged for yourself, you will find our wide selection of brunette escorts a completely perfect addition to those plans. We have the party escort types looking to have some lively fun with you to the more laid back escorts looking for a more laid back evening together in a quiet five star restaurant. No matter the occasion, we have escorts to accompany you to make sure you have a better time.
brunette escorts

Brunette Escorts Have Everything You Need

Searching for a beautiful brunette for a quiet yet exciting evening? Lexington Escorts X Brunette Escorts has the ideal escort for you. All our escorts are not only beautiful beautiful, but have the intelligence, personality and charm to back it up. This allows their sweet and lively nature to liven up the mood no matter what the mood may be. Their charms and attention can lift your spirits so high that you will feel like the luckiest and happiest man in the world. They have the ability to make you feel like you hold their undying attention no matter where you are and who you are with. You and your happiness are what is important to them.

Lexington Escorts X brunette escorts offers the most discreet and confidential services so you will never have to worry about your boss or family finding out about your extracurricular activities. You would be happy to know the extent and extreme we go to keep your information safe and confidential at all times. After all, we as an agency and as individuals would like to stay discreet as well which is why we do not show our faces on our sites and are prohibited from supplying agency, individual or any information by contract when we go through the interviewing process. Rest assured, you are safe in our hands.

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Kentucky Escort Jaqueline

  Kentucky escort Jaqueline is a hot blooded Latino escort in Lexington Ky. This little firecracker is petite with her tiny little curves but do not let that fool you. You know what they say, big things come in small packages. That adage holds true when it comes to sweet Jaqueline. She is classy with a little flair which can work with you all the way around no matter what she is offering.
kentucky escort
Jaqueline offers black tie events and other such special occasions. She can mingle with the best of them and she has that natural sophistication that will make her a hit. She is also available for nights on the town which she prefers and feels is more up her alley. Go out in Lexington tonight with her and she will have you gasping for breath as she makes you dance the night away. She loves sports, dancing and other activities that involve a lot of energy. This escort is so fun and energetic, we would be amazed if you could keep up.
This escort is for gentlemen only. Sorry ladies, but she has plenty of friends that would be more then happy to come see you. She works with other girls but does not offer girl on girl nor will she see girls. She will see gentlemen privately or for a party. With her spicy spirit, or course she offers parties of all occasions. Let the hottie teach exactly what rhythm looks like and how sexy it can actually be. She may not be tall or bigger curved girl but she sure knows how to shake what she has got. Trust me, you want to be there to see that. She is a party favorite among our clients and works great with other Lexington escorts X girls. This Kentucky escort is available to see you upon request so give us a call to set up your appointment with this lovely Latino escort.


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Escort Service Presents Mya

Our escort service presents to you the goddess Mya. This escort is an African American angel that will stun you with her looks. She is 5’8 with a tiny figure but big curves. Her body looks like it was drawn up like Jessica Rabbit. She has a tiny little waist, a nice full bottom and beautiful DDs to match. You will definitely be pleases when you see this one.
escort service
Classy and elegant, Mya is available for one on one sessions only. Due to her career and high profile social life, she does not offer dates or traveling. She will however work with a couple other ladies here and that is Victoria, Taylor or Amber. You can go out with them and come back to enjoy them with Mya for the evening. A whole night of nothing but being surrounded by beautiful women. What more is there to ask for?
This beauty does not talk much. She does not have to though, She can give you just a look that will bring you to your knees. That and body language is all you all need to have a sensual date. She loves for you to wait patiently and watch her. Her curves will entice you and her movements will hypnotize you. She will have you in such a hypnotic state that you will not know what hit you.

Our Escort Service Features Only The Hottest Of Ladies

Our escort service offers you only the best which is why Mya is part of our agency. If you are wanting to set up a private date with her, please call in advance. As we have said, she has a very busy schedule with her career and social elite lifestyle. You will need to call at least a day in advance to see this beauty but like they say, good things come to those who wait.


Kentucky Escorts Amber

Sexy little brunette Amber is available in Lexington Kentucky and immediate surrounding areas. Amber has worked for Lexington escorts X for a couple of years now so we know her well. She may look like an angel in her pictures and you may think she even looks innocent in person, but do not be fooled in the least. As far as Kentucky escorts go, this could be further from the truth. This petite brunette is naughty in all the ways that count.
Amber is more of the type of girl that would take you on a tour of Lexington but would prefer a quiet evening at your home or hotel room. She loves to pamper through listening to you and offering an awesome massage. She has a light and firm touch so clients, male or female usually rant about her massages. She offers hot oil massage but has been learning many other types of massages so if you are interested in different forms of massage, this is the girl to see. She has hands of an angel and the mind of the devil which is an incredible match.

Beautiful Escorts With So Many Qualities Besides Beauty

A great attribute of Amber is that she is one of the best listeners. We are surprised she did not go to school for psychiatry with the way everyone runs to her with their problems. She is a complete emotional medium so she can make you relax by taking on some of your problematic feelings for you. All you have to do is open up to her and she will hear you out. Sometimes that can be better then a massage but when you combine the two, you have a tension off your shoulders that you never knew to be there. That is how good she is at making you relax. The best part about it is everything you tell her is confidential so no worries on her telling anyone you know. There is no problem there.
If you are not looking to have a counseling session talking about your issues and feelings, Amber will have you rolling over laughter. She believes laughter is the best policy and she lives by that. This escort will have you popping your side as your doubled over with her sense of humor. She can not stand a complete bore with no personality so she will appreciate you using your sense of humor as well to make her day brighter.
Amber is available for:

  • Dates
  • Private Escorts
  • Massage
  • Girl on Girl
  • Fantasy Maids
  • Domination
  • Call to see her now! 

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