Seeking escort employment in the Lexington Kentucky area? We are always looking for the best male and female talent to join Lexington escorts X. We have all sorts of escort jobs available at all times. You must meet our requirements of being of at least the age of 18 years, having a valid drivers license, and a reliable phone for us to contact you for appointments. We look for beautiful people that have personality, charm and intelligence to back up their looks to complete a perfect package. Please take the time to be thorough in your email. We will not continue with the hiring process if you do not take the time and answer all the following questions. Your real name, location and how to contact you. We would like a detailed list of your statistics and what you look like. Explain any experience if any, no experience necessary. Pictures just for hiring purposes are always of great use. We will not use them for advertising you but it helps us know what you look like. We look forward to working with you.

What escort employment is available to you?

Escort employment is plenty here at Lexington Escorts X. Some may think that only one kind of service is available at an escort service. They could not be farther from the truth. We are considered your one stop shop to all your adult entertainment needs and this is how.


      Companion Dates

      We offer our clients dates to black tie events, occasion events, or even just nights on the town. You can make money while going to your favorite places in Lexington. Go out to eat, dancing and go to the races while meeting new people and having a blast.


      Private Escorts

      Stay inside and enjoy a nice relaxing evening in a hotel room. If you like to pamper by giving massages, this option is great for you. Watch movies, talk and enjoy your quiet evening with the client.


      Exotic Dancers

      Parties of all occasions will rock their world. Learn how to entertain a whole crowd and have a blast while celebrating the special guest. Make money to party and be the center of attention and a great memory for years to come.


      Fantasy Maids

      Bring a fantasy to life by cleaning in your lingerie or even in the nude. Or even help host a party by cleaning up and serving during special gathering like the Superbowl.


      Domination & Fetishes

      So much fun expressing yourself by using your creativity and taking control over your sub. The sky is the limit and this is a great way to get regulars while having fun and releasing tension.

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