Domination jobs

domination jobs

Domination jobs are available with Lexington Escorts X. We are offering employment to the right kind of dominant females. These escort jobs allows you to be creative and express yourself. Experience your dominance over the male species by becoming a dominatrix. No experience necessary but must have the makings naturally of a dominant female with a creative side. We can show you what things can be offered and all the know hows on domination, fetishes and role-playing but all you choose to what suits you to offer and go from there. You are in charge!

Being a dominatrix is a great way to make ongoing regular clients if you are good at what you do. We are very choosy about who we pick for such a position since only trust worthy and natural dommes make good dominatrix girls. You will go through extensive training experiencing the submissive and domination side of things. Before you know it, you will be the mistress of Lexington and everyone will bow before you.

Domination Jobs Available To Strong Female Types

If this sounds like something you fantasize about on a regular basis, please contact us about a position. It is rare we will hire for this position but if you have what it takes then you will be the special one. One that not only loves being worshiped and obeyed, but getting paid while doing it.

So if you are a strong female type that not has beauty but has a raw talent of taking over and dominating the situation and the other person, then this job may be for you. Please contact us with information about yourself. We would like to know your statistics as well as know your personality and fantasies about such a position. Tell us what draws you to the fantasy of dominating another and why working for Lexington escorts X is something you would want to do. We looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps we will be working with you very soon. Domination jobs will bring your fantasy to life.

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