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We have the hottest exotic dancers in Lexington Kentucky. Lexington escorts X provides you with busty blonde, brunettes, redheads, mocha, male, female, and a variety of ethnicities all the time for you. We are always offering the best variety fully staffed for you for all your adult entertainment needs.

exotic dancers


Exotic Dancers Are Rated #1 in Kentucky For Out-call Parties

Our parties are rated number 1 for all over Kentucky. We feature only the hottest strippers in Kentucky. We take care in who we hire so you don’t have to. We provide you with the best experience with the hottest ladies no matter what. Our hiring criteria for dancers are high which means never will you have a stripper show up that doesn’t match her pictures or her description. Worried about discreet photos? We only choose to keep our entertainers discreet because we all have lives outside of our jobs. We will not allow our girls to show their faces because we would not want them to regret using face pictures later on down the road or not being fully confidential and discreet with our girls as well as our clientele.
We do however have a looks guarantee policy where if you do not like the escorts we send out to your door, you can nicely cancel with the girl without paying and we will send you out a different one more to your liking. Although this never happens because our clients seem to be happy with our girls, it is always an option. With our strippers, we ONLY hire fit, firm and fun girls. We want your bachelor / birthday / occasion to be the best experience it can be therefore looks are top priority when hiring for the stripper positions. These girls will always have pretty faces, nice teeth, great bodies and be ready to party. Never will you experience a girl coming out to you from us with a huge c-section scar, cellulite, or other nasty scars and conditions all over her body or face. We have heard those horror stories from clients calling us and asking us about our ladies. It is sad that some people have had that happen to them and actually have to worry about such things.
Let us do the worrying for you by choosing the best girls for you party. We offer themes too if you are interested. All we ask is that you plan a head of time. We need notice to get prepared for parties especially when they are themed. We need to get our music together, costume and other things in order so we can provide you with the best time ever. If using a theme, please give us extra notice so the girl can get the proper costume. All of our ladies have tons of lingerie and costumes available but the certain girl you made the appointment with may not have the costume and music you are looking for. It is always best to make the appointment ahead of time and make changes as things progress then to book last minute. Last minute bookings may be possible for parties but are NOT advised.
We may seem expensive compared to other companies and maybe we are. We charge our prices with the promise of a good time and a hot girl. As far we know though we charge about the same if not less from the competition. The reason we may seem expensive compared to others is because we charge for everything upfront. We collect our dancers tips up front so everyone is happy and everything goes down smoothly. I have seen where other companies charge their referral fee and collect nothing for their girls. The girls demand their money when they get to the party and the guys get mad because they were told they only had to pay the initial fee and no more. It is all chaos and everyone is having a bad time besides the company that made the money doing nothing. It is not fair to the clients and not fair to the security and girls put in the predicament. It just seems bad business to us which is why we collect tips upfront. That upfront fee is a flat fee although we hope you tip the exotic dancers because they are doing such a good job and plus let us be honest, the whole point of putting money in the garter is the fun. Also, if you are getting more then one stripper, it is best to have extra money just in case you decide to keep them longer or to get a private dance for yourself or the guest of honor.
We strive to be the best and make your occasion the best fun it can be. Please make an appointment by calling or emailing us a head of time. The information is below. We look forward to hearing from you and partying with you!

     (859) 429-2938




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