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Are you looking for escorts that will help you relax after a hard day of working? I can make you relax like no other. Everyone tells me that I should be masseuse but I love what I do and am not changing that. I offer the best massages in Lexington Kentucky. I have firm hands for those that like a firmer touch but I can also satisfy those looking for a lighter one. The majority of the time I start out any experience with making you unwind and get comfortable.
I offer dates as well. I can accompany you to events like weddings or black tie events. I can also accompany you on your outing during your arrival here to see the town. I can show all places for fine dining and even end it with a night cap at a quiet bar. Do not get me wrong, I like going clubbing and getting crazy sometimes but I am all about relaxing and indulgence. I would prefer a day at the spa and a quiet dinner on most days. Perhaps taking in a movie and drinking at a piano bar to end a day. You can never relax enough after all the stress that life gives you. :)

Escorts know how to have fun and make you relax

I realize by my description so far I seem a little boring but that is definitely not the case. I could not say that any escorts are boring for what they do alone. It is just that I prefer to see business men that do not get any time to relax. I love to be the one that allows them time away from their normal course of life. It makes me happy knowing that I have helped their health of mind and body. I love to laugh and have fun. I make that as part of my process. I am also a great listener for those that need to vent. I am usually the one people come to talk about their problems because I am not judgmental and actually listen. It is hard to find someone you can trust with personal problems these days. Everything that is said is completely confidential so you can relax and open up. It will be our little secret.
Out of all escorts I feel I am more about pampering. Not that other escorts do not pamper, because they do but I am all about the relaxation process. I work well with other girls so you could always call for me and my friends. Imagine having two or three set of hands giving you a nice relaxing massage and maybe even finish off with watching us slowly undress each other. Sound pretty hot to me. Whether you are here on business or a local resident, if you are looking to step out of the drudgeries of every day life, feel free to give me a call. I will be happy to come see you!


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