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Some girls claim they are all class while others claim they love what they do. I am the perfect mix of both. I am an upscale escort that absolutely loves what I do. I can mingle with the best of them yet click with just about anyone I meet. I love to laugh and feel it is most important to get others to do. If you are looking for a sexy night in or on the town, I am your escort for sure. I have to say all the escorts Lexington Ky has to offer here is a nice choice.
Being an escort in Lexington Kentucky has been a great experience for me. I feel I treat all my new friends with the respect and compassion they deserve. I offer an array of services from private one on ones, two girl shows, massage, dates, fantasy maids and have developed quite a taste in domination and fetishes. The only thing I do not really offer is parties. Sorry fellas. That is just not my thing. Although I do dates and attend events for you, I like to keep my focus on you and only you. I love to entertain and share laughs. I have an open ear for everyone I work with as well as my new friends that I make, you. Sometimes people just need to vent or talk to someone without judgement and everyone tells me I am great for that. So whether you want to talk about it or get your mind off it, I will provide you a great experience. Call me anytime.

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All of the escorts that work here have been hand selected to meet a certain criteria. As you can read from all of our descriptions, we all have different personalities. During the hiring process, once they meet all the standards, we all have to get together with the new girl and get to know her. I believe this is a good way to implement friendship that can lack in other places of work. We all get get along and support each other. That is one of the many ways this escort service is great for not only us, but for our clients as well.
We write our own descriptions so you can get a glimpse of what our personalities are like. Although it is not a complete accurate way to judge a book by its cover, it is a sure way to get a feel for the girl that matches the pictures. That is another reason why people think that our escorts Lexington Ky has if the top agency in our city.
As I have said before, I like working one on one then in a crowd. That does not mean that I will not do dates but I like to keep my focus on you. It does not matter whether we are at a black tie event or a having a quiet evening in, my focus is sure to not stray. I like gentlemen to feel comfortable with me. I have a way of doing that for people as others have always told me. If you looking to try to spice things up with a little kink, I am the perfect companion to try this with. I love being creative and will use my experience to suit your needs.
So if you are looking for the best escorts Lexington Ky has, call us for a night you will be sure not to forget for years to come.

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