Phone Operator Jobs

phone operator jobs
We are always looking for adult phone operators to set appointments for our Lexington escorts which is why we have phone operator jobs available to you. The receptionist is the center of our whole operation. The clients call into the call center to you and you assist the clients with any questions they may have. You are the one who has to feel them out and make sure they are perfect gentlemen before sending our escorts out to them. The phone operators have to have intelligence, good communication skills and common sense as well as street smarts. After all, they are the feelers for the escort service.

Once the receptionist has booked an appointment for a girl she must verify the client first before sending the girls out. This can be an easy process or a long drawn out one depending on where you work. We make it easy for you so you can have the gentlemen verified and the girl sent out within 10 minutes of booking the appointment. The rest is up to the driver and the escort from there.

You still are not done with the whole appointment by any means. The security calls you when she is in so you can call her ten in. This process is to see if she safe. Most appointments go bad in the beginning of the ten minutes if they are gonna go bad. This is not always the case but mostly true. That is why we take extra precautions during the rest of the call to see to the girls safety.

The client and girl seem happy but your job would still not be over. You must call the escort out at the end of her hour. You do this so the girls do not have to clock watch and keep track of time. This allows the escort to focus completely on her client so they are both happy. Once she is out, it is optional whether she wants you to do a call back where you call the client and see how well he liked her. If the client rants and raves a sterling review during the call back it is best to try to get him to go give the escort a good review right then and there. Most clients love the girls but do not take the time to review her because they never get around to it or just plain forget. The escorts appreciate such reviews and love when gentlemen callers take the time out to rate her and her performance.

Phone Operator Jobs Available Only To The Best Receptionists

If the phone operator jobs seem like something you are looking to get into and be the very heart of an escort service, please contact us about work as a phone operator. This is a great job for those who love speaking with others but don’t like to meet face to face with clientele. Our receptionists choose their own schedules and make great pay. Even if we have the Lexington Kentucky positions filled, feel free to contact us. We may be able to set you up where ever you are located to answer for another one. Talk to you soon.

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